About Us

Darrin McArthur - Owner/ArtisanAll my pens are handcrafted at my studio, in the tiny village of Lyn, Ontario, Canada. Many of my pens are made using custom mixed resins. Some of which I make in my studio, while others are sourced from artisan makers. But I also work with many materials including metal, commercial plastics and ebonite. I even work with natural products such as wood, antler and bone which I make every effort to ensure are ethically sourced.

I have always loved to work with my hands. Even as a child, playing with my fathers tools. It is what drew me to a military career as a Repair Technician with the RCEME.

I established Timber Elegance in 2010, after 26 years of service, as a means of transitioning out of the Military. My plans were to work from my studio making small gift items such as Jewelry boxes, small turnings and yes pens. After a couple of more years the focus became more pens and accessories, such as collector trays and stands. The pens were mostly made using purchased components, called kits, for which I would make the body from many different materials. Eventually, I felt to constricted by the design of these kits, which I had no control over. So I learned to design and make the components I needed, myself. 

While my mainstay is Fountain Pens, I also make a variety of different writing instruments including Ballpoint pens and Calligraphy holders.

I look forward to many years of enjoyment at my craft. Learning and creating every day.